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What is the Mince Pie Marathon?

It's an initiative created by Brightbulb Design to raise money on behalf of The Wight Brainy Bunch charity. The last 3 year's of the Mince Pie Marathon has raised almost £20,000 towards helping people on the Island suffering from brain tumours.

We know delivering thousands of mince pies around the Island, in a single day makes us a bit, “mince pie mad” but amongst the madness and fun, every penny goes towards a fantastic Island charity.

Find out more about The Wight Brainy Bunch

How does it work?

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Order a box of mince pies for you, your family or staff. Each box will cost £6 and all of the money will go to the charity.

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You will be added to our board and we will locate you on our marathon map. Thanks for your donation.

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Be quick, the cutoff is the 6th December. On the 13th December we will race against the clock to deliver all the mince pies.

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On the day, have your phones ready, grab a snap and post your delivery on your socials using the hashtags #MincePieMarathon #WightBrainyBunch

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Donation Form

We've ran out of mincepies! We're still open for donations if you'd like to help support the Wight Brainy Bunch!

100% of your donation will go to The Wight Brainy Bunch charity.


Your company name/first and last name will be displayed in our Mince Pie Leaderboard.

Mince Pie Leaderboard

Compete to win the Mince Pie Marathon. The more you order the higher you will place. If someone goes above you, place another order under the same name to compete and beat them. The more you order the more we raise as a community for The Wight Brainy Bunch.

1 GKN Aerospace 480
2 John's Team 384
3 WRS Systems 300
4 Ryde House Group 234
5 Top Mops Limited 204
6 Rose Maitland 150
7 WightFibre 150
8 Isle of Wight Tomatoes 150
9 Friends of the Animals 138
10 Mitchell Evans 138
11 RPL Construction 120
12 David & Carol Pointer 120
13 Diametric Technical Ltd 102
14 Cosán Cróga Ltd 102
15 Hector Kier 100
16 Gurit 96
17 Carisbrooke College 72
18 Arid Design Ltd 72
19 Random-Rooms 66
20 Marian Caruana 60
21 Vectis Ventures LTD 54
22 MedTec Design Services 48
23 Stainless Games Ltd 48
24 Visit Isle of Wight 48
25 IFPL 48
26 Briddlesford Farm 42
27 Bright Brown Ltd 36
28 EE 36
29 Roach Pittis Solicitors Limited 30
30 Alison Absalom 30
31 Peekaboo Limited 30
32 Wight Marine 30
33 Zoe Bolmeer 30
34 kr sustainability ltd 30
35 My Family Mortgages Ltd 30
37 IOW Group 24
38 Patricia Burt 24
39 Maggie Currie Coaching 24
40 Christine Ade 24
41 IFPL and Cobalt Aerospace 24
42 Betapak - The Island Tea & Coffee Co. 18
43 Tony Haydon 18
44 BCM 18
45 Kate Harvey 18
46 Innovative Physics 18
47 21 Cornwall Road Ventnor 18
48 Honeybourne Jewellery 18
49 Linda Egan 18
50 Cowes Chiropractic Clinic 18
51 Sarah Harvey 18
54 IW Chamber 12
55 Rebeka Lawton 12
56 Janette Nye 12
57 SMC Bookkeeping Services 12
58 Shane Smith 12
59 Claire Speight 12
60 Jennifer Penalva 12
61 Sandham Office Services 12
62 Anita Richins 12
64 Island Lettings 12
65 Cupcakes & Traybakes 12
66 Kay Jeffery 12
67 Stefanie Reeve 12
68 Brian Bason 12
69 Dave Wickham 12
70 Samantha Sharp 6
71 Zachary Hayles 6
72 Eddie and Charlie R 6
73 Susan Rose 6
74 Frostbite Bakery 6
75 Jayne Derbyshire 6

Our Main Sponsor

With thanks to Isle of Wight Tomatoes who have joined forces with Brightbulb Design this year to deliver the Mince Pie Marathon. Together we are making it our mission to deliver joy through the power of mince pies across the Isle of Wight

For over 15 years, Isle of Wight Tomatoes have been growing tomatoes in the rich fertile soil of the Arreton Valley, here on the glorious Isle of Wight. Combining age-old traditions with modern-day innovation they are passionate about growing tomatoes that taste the way they should.

Find out more here

IOW Tomatoes

Other Key Supporters

Huge thanks to these businesses who are also helping the biggest mince pie giving day of all time, come to life, by giving their time or services for items that help the marathon operate.

Raven Print & Design
All Things Printed
Wight Productions

Our Marathon Map

Here is our Mince Pie Marathon map. You can see the number of drops we have to complete throughout the marathon. Once you've ordered you'll automatically be marked on our map. On the day you will be able to track our vehicles dropping off the mince pies.